About to be on my way....

So I'm leaving the office today at 2:30 and starting the deluxe 94 track back to the mitten, also known as the ever so lovely, Michigan. This means a plethera of things:

1.) I need to seriously get my Thanksgiving dinner outfit together.
2.) Finish/Gather all plans for the weekend galas, shopping trips, visits, and bar-hoppings.
3.) Wax.
4.) Decided what to cook (I always bring something delicious and vegetarian to the table.)
5.) Figure out who to.... get "together" with. Hopefully it'll be Logan. I've been trying to ignore him in that "I'm seven and you have cooties way." So he might be into it. Or it could be the New Guy, who isn't so new anymore. Or it could be the high school fav, a sweet but sassy English Professor (he's only 24, he's a freakin literary GENIOUS.) God, I want it to be Logan. I've been praying for it. 11:11-ing it. Wishing on every star, every candle I blow out, WISHING ON EVERYTHING. Or I could like... grow up, and call him. But that would be too easy.
7.) Continue to raid my grandmother's home for unused totally amazing vintage furniture and accessories. She's where I get all my fantastic Sarah Conventry jewels from.
8.) See my so-sweet-she-gives-me-a-toothache niece.
8.) Last, but certainly not least, get some SLEEP!

I hope you all have a wonderous HOLIDAY and remember to be thankful for the things that are true blesssings in our lives.

You Know You Love Me!

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