About to be on my way....

So I'm leaving the office today at 2:30 and starting the deluxe 94 track back to the mitten, also known as the ever so lovely, Michigan. This means a plethera of things:

1.) I need to seriously get my Thanksgiving dinner outfit together.
2.) Finish/Gather all plans for the weekend galas, shopping trips, visits, and bar-hoppings.
3.) Wax.
4.) Decided what to cook (I always bring something delicious and vegetarian to the table.)
5.) Figure out who to.... get "together" with. Hopefully it'll be Logan. I've been trying to ignore him in that "I'm seven and you have cooties way." So he might be into it. Or it could be the New Guy, who isn't so new anymore. Or it could be the high school fav, a sweet but sassy English Professor (he's only 24, he's a freakin literary GENIOUS.) God, I want it to be Logan. I've been praying for it. 11:11-ing it. Wishing on every star, every candle I blow out, WISHING ON EVERYTHING. Or I could like... grow up, and call him. But that would be too easy.
7.) Continue to raid my grandmother's home for unused totally amazing vintage furniture and accessories. She's where I get all my fantastic Sarah Conventry jewels from.
8.) See my so-sweet-she-gives-me-a-toothache niece.
8.) Last, but certainly not least, get some SLEEP!

I hope you all have a wonderous HOLIDAY and remember to be thankful for the things that are true blesssings in our lives.

You Know You Love Me!

Boho Chic Thanksgiving Table

Ok, so I stole this from the Hostess with the Mostess... but it's cute. And really modern in a Boho Chic kind of way.
Pictured at top: I’m loving this khaki Blowing Leaves invitation to set a stylish tone for any autumn get-together.
And on the table front: The always contemporary-and-affordable cb2 sets a gorgeous fall-friendly tablescape with comma plates ($0.95 - $1.95 ea) in orange, green, and bark (brown), giant monstera leaves, and trendy square Edge Dinnerware ($3.95-$5.95).
Also pictured above: Mosaic Recycled Placemat (although for a fall table I prefer the look of this eco-friendly, twig-themed Bakaw Placemat - both $6.95 ea) and striped Ole Table Runner ($19.95).


Everything Happens for a Reason

Ten Anonymous Things You Want To Say To Ten Different People:

1. I am thankful for you the most… out of everything in the world you make me the happiest. I miss you everyday and wish that we were at the cottage acting silly, lying in the sun, and doing absolutely nothing but swinging in the hammock and being together. You are my best friend in the world and don’t think an hour goes by and don’t think about that you’re doing and how you’re feeling. I know that we have that knack for fighting but without it, we’d be boring. I remember when we were little and you used to follow me everywhere, and I just wanted to go out by myself and play with my friends… and now I wish you were always with me. I will never love anyone as much as I love you and I am so proud of the young woman you are becoming. I’m sorry I moved and left you with the warden, but I needed to grow up and get out of the mitten. I wouldn’t worry though, I’ll be home soon ; ) you are my heart and my soul and I need you more than air. I’m not sure what I would do or where I would be without you. Thank you for being you.

2. You are my bestie, well after you know who. I love you so so so much. However… I was really mad at you for a while and then I got over. I wished that you would have just come with me, but we needed to change. Grow up rather. It would have been the best to have you live with me, but the last six years were good enough. I love you so much and I know that you’re transitioning right now, so here’s a simple piece of advice I gave to you a long time ago. Maybe you forgot… Fuck ‘em. Love yourself and nothing can go wrong. It worked the first time, girl it a whirl again. I miss you but I’m glad we’re apart. I needed sometime by myself to think about things, I didn’t really like myself those last couple months, but now I’m back in love with me. Thanks for always having my back.

3. you make me laugh all the time. I actually just listened to a voicemail from you the other day, it made me really kind of miss you. And it’s not like I don’t miss you a lot, but you usually aren’t on the top of my head. Thanks for inviting me to come out a few weekends ago. I had a lot fun just sitting in the cold with my stupid flip flops out. It’s funny how things worked out, huh? This summer (and last) were great. I really like being around you, but sometimes I wonder if you being so funny all the time is just because you’re nervous.

4. I hate you and I don’t even know why. Every time I see you I get pangs of anger, it’s strange, no one has ever pissed me off so bad for no reason… well actually I’m glad you showed up. If you didn’t I’m not sure if he would have. I hear that you’re a great girl, but I have a hard time seeing it. People tell me that we have so much in common but I don’t even want to get to know you. Maybe if the opportunity arises I’ll talk to you, but probably not. I didn’t talk to you before I knew what was up, so I yeah… We’ll leave it at that. PS… Stop looking at me like I did something wrong, when all along it was you.

5. I love you very, very much. Sometimes I miss you a whole lot and other times I just wonder how you’re doing. It’s weird because for a long time I didn’t like you. I loved you but I was so mad at everything I couldn’t stand it. I’m sorry for being so mean, even if you didn’t realize it. I sort of think sometimes that it happened because you looked up to me so much that you wanted to be me. I understand now that things just happen, and it was probably just karma coming around to kick me in the ass. I’m glad that we’re so similar. It makes me very happy to have you in my life. Thank you for lying to me when you had to, I probably couldn’t have handled much more of the truth around then.

6. I love you so much!!! I wish that we were still roomies, even though we were too much to handle sometimes. I loved every minute of it, except the “Basic” phase. I’m glad we had our little getaway with gnomes and hookahs and lots and lots of smoke time. You are cool to the very core and I look up to you so much, you definitely grew up before I did and I’m thankful because you needed to, you were too smart not to. I know you’re going to do amazing things in your life, I just wished that we talked more often. We used to talk a lot. I know I kind of fucked things up that one night, but please don’t hold it against me. You are one of my best friends, and I don’t think that you know.

7. I wish that things between us were like they were in the beginning when it was just fun. It happened too much too fast and it was only headed for disaster. Deep down I’ll never stop caring for you, you are wonderful, I just wish that you could remember why. I’m sorry for hurting you, but I hope that you realize you hurt me worse that any word that could have come out of my mouth. I think you did what you did because you didn’t know how deep you had cut me even before it happened and wanted some way to effect me because I let everything else just roll off my back. I would say congratulations, you won… but I know you still love me. It’s sad.

8. I FUCKING LOVE YOUR LAUGH MORE THAN ANYTHING! I have the best times with you. You always seem to have it together ma’am (even when you don’t.) You’re such a tough ass, and I love that about you. Don’t forget that I’m here for you and I always will be. You really are an amazing woman, I just wish that you would remember that. You have so much potential, don’t’ down grade yourself. I know you have it in you.

9. Thank you for keeping me sane for all of these years. I love you so much. I’m still mad you found out who Napoleon was, it was more fun for me when you didn’t know. He was a good secret admirer. I know you’ve been through so much and just want you to know that I’ll always be a phone call away. We don’t’ have to talk every day or every week, or even every month. Things will always be the way they are. I wanted to thank you for including me all those years ago.., I don’t think you realize how much it helped me grow. You are wonderful.

10. That smile is intoxicating. You make me feel all kinds of fucked up. I’m not sure why we met that night, but I’m glad it happened the way it did. We sort of skipped all that get to know you stuff huh? Maybe that’s why I’m so nerdy around you. I know I talk too much, but I get nervous and I’m not sure why… you’ve already seen it all. I try not to think about you really, but when I get immensely drunk that’s another story, sorry about that by the way, I’m sure it’s annoying. I probably actually shouldn’t talk to you, ha… I thought that last time was supposed to be the last time we were going to see each other ever, but that was a lie. Thanks for making me feel so amazing. You are a spectacular kisser. Maybe I’ll see you soon. Or not.

Nine Things About Yourself:

1. I love to make art. Get ready for some sweet Christmas gifts..
2. My two favorite things are Caitlin and Led Zeppelin.
3. My favorite place in the world is the cottage.
4. I hate SOCKS… They are disgusting.
5. I get addicted to everything, not just drugs, haha, so I can either have a really boring life doing nothing, or have the best time all the time..
6. When I’m swimming I don’t’ think about anything but music.
7. I say dude entirely too much.
8. I miss everyone in Michigan, I’ll move back in about 5 years.
9. We call my apartment the igloo.

Eight Ways To Win My Heart:
2. Have amazing teeth
3. Make good conversation, I don’t like dummies.
4. Try my weird food.
5. Don’t be afraid of trying new things.
6. Like some good tunes.
7. Be considerate and kind… and call once in a while.
8. Be completey comfortable just laying around sometimes.

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A lot:
1. How am I gonna get some more money.
2. I wish I was in the sun
3. I’m freezing.
4. “Where is my ______?!”
5. My ADD is out of control with no… you know, stuff.
6. I cannot get out of bed.
7. "I need to get ______"

Six Things You Wish You Never Did:
1. Get into that fight with Ben… he broke my necklace
2. Got homeschooled my freshman year.
3. Left Lola behind.
4. Lose my shit constantly
5. Started smoking.
6. Skipped stats..

Five Turn Offs:
1. laziness
2. fucked up grill
3. silk shirts… eww… especially those Japanese ones.
4. bad kissing
5. bring a moron. Quiet is ok, moron is not.

Four Turn Ons:
1. Once again… great teeth
2. fantastic arms
3. making me laugh
4. Bedroom eyes…

Three Words That Describe Your Life:
1. crazy
2. busy
3. amazing

Two Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1. have babies
2. travel the world just to be sure the sunsets at the lake are the best.

One Belief. Everything happens for a reason


Boho in the Snow

I keep having this ridiculous dream that when I'm home for Thanksgiving that I call Logan and we decided to meet at my cottage by the lake for a little R & R. It ultimatly leads to a lusty wonderful time, but I keep seeing this image in my head... He calls me to tell me he's almost there and I let him know just to come in the house, and he does. When he gets there I'm trying to build a fire in the fireplace and he comes in the door, and sits next to me on the ledge and helps... this is kind of the outfit that I'm wearing in my dream. He's wearing green. He always is wearing green. I wish I could just stop. Stop thinking about him. I am in SERIOUS like with this kid. Maybe my dream will come true... I mean I know that I'll probably see him with the rest of my friends, but I want us to go away to some romantic fantastic place. Leave all of them and just go. Just the two of us.

Purple Patchouli...

I have never wanted a perfume so badly in my lifetime.

Tom Ford's Private Blend - Purple Patchouli...

This 60's inspired floral woody fragrance opens with an elegant orchid accord and wet, succulent citrus notes. The heart blends noir leather and a signature purple patchouli accord with exotic spices, supported by the intense depth of amber, Peru balsam and vetiver.With Private Blend, Tom Ford opens a door into the mesmerizing world of artisanal scent. Each fragrance begins with a precious extraction of a single note around which secondary notes are wrapped creating a completely developed and complex Eau de Parfum that may enchant or challenge, stimulate or delight.Inspired by the dark brown glass used in apothecary bottles that are traditionally found in a perfumer's atelier, the weighty 1.7-ounce flacon has the sleek architectural look of a chess piece and the 8.3-ounce decanter, designed to enhance the user's home environment, is pure craftsmanship.
I think I might have to save up for a minute on this one... unless one of you lovelies would enjoy purchasing it for me!


Lost in Paradide...

I'm lost. Chicago is so amazing and there is so much to offer here, but I feel so lost today. It all started last night... well maybe Friday night. I was having a great week, and have been doing so much and then on Friday I decided to go to the movies with my roomate. We drank a little, then came home and invited some people over. People meaning the German. We all went out to the bar and had a splendid time, so spendid I was blacked out before I got home.

Thank GOD that Marco (my roomate) was with me, because I'm not sure where I would have ended up. I haven't been drunk like that in FOREVER... and I swear I only had a few Seabreezes, well and no dinner. I was so drunk I stole flowers out of a bathroom and PUT THEM IN MY PURSE TO TAKE HOME! Then I proceeded to ask the bouncer for his number and when I looked at it Saturday I could barely read it... Not too long after that I put my purse on the ground to find my phone (which I used to DRUNK DIAL LOGAN AT THREE IN THE MORNING, even though I had already semi-drunk dialed him at 11) and fell not once, but twice, flat on my ass, which is better than my face I guess. I came home and stripped through out the house and put on some silky ass night gown and refused to sleep in my bed, for some God forsaken reason because I have the dreamiest thread count... I woke up and felt so stupid.

I haven't been drinking very much lately, those binge drinking college days are definitly in the shadows, so I don't know how it happened. I mean I had a great night, talked to all of these fabulous people, and ended up riding in the back of a truck to my freaking apartment. Needless to say, Saturday was unfortunatly unproductive. I want to call the bouncer because he was ridiculously good looking and I need a strong man in my life, but from the chicken scratch on the NEWSPAPER I wrote it on, I think he'll think I'm some sort of flaky lush... I mean I am a lush, but in a good way : ) I'm usually the life of the party who helps girls like me. Am I becoming some sort of low tolerance lightweight or what?

And speaking of Logan, I haven't talked to him in a while. I went back home and went to his house to hang out and all of these people were there, and he had to leave to go to a meeting (which I didn't want to wait around for him to get done with) so we had almost no alone time, and so I'm sure he's far past over me. God I wish he wasn't so delicious.

Ok, so back to topic. Saturday night I just went out for a good no drinking dinner night with some of my girls and came home and got a suprise haircut from a good friend (who is a seriously divine hairdresser), and it looks AMAZING.

Sunday... I tried to be super productive. I made Marco and Dionne (my other roomate) clean the house with me, then we all went shopping and to the laundrymat and I felt really productive, like I was actually doing some good with my life. We came home, I made us a fantastic dinner, we watched a movie... and then I went to bed. As I layed there I just started thinking of all of these things I'm not doing. Like having a boyfriend, going out, going to grad school, and I started missing my family and before you knew it, I was balling hysterically. I felt so lost. So alone. How can you feel alone when you're surrounded by people?

Marco and Dionne were still up, so I came out of my room like a 5 year old and just talked to them forever, told them all of these crazy thoughts going on in my head, and they definitely cheered me up and we all kind of agreed we feel the same (we all just move here from a different state, and no, we didn't know each other at all.)

So maybe I'm not so crazy for feeling so alone surrounded by people. I think I just need to keep my chin up and make myself just as fabulous in Chicago as I was back home. It's a fresh start. I can be whatever I want to be.