Boho in the Snow

I keep having this ridiculous dream that when I'm home for Thanksgiving that I call Logan and we decided to meet at my cottage by the lake for a little R & R. It ultimatly leads to a lusty wonderful time, but I keep seeing this image in my head... He calls me to tell me he's almost there and I let him know just to come in the house, and he does. When he gets there I'm trying to build a fire in the fireplace and he comes in the door, and sits next to me on the ledge and helps... this is kind of the outfit that I'm wearing in my dream. He's wearing green. He always is wearing green. I wish I could just stop. Stop thinking about him. I am in SERIOUS like with this kid. Maybe my dream will come true... I mean I know that I'll probably see him with the rest of my friends, but I want us to go away to some romantic fantastic place. Leave all of them and just go. Just the two of us.

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stacy said...

Not so sure about the boots but the sweater is a must have.