Back In The Windy City...


I love going back to my hometowns and this time it was no exception, but last night when I walked into the door of my lovely little garden apartment, I truly felt like I was at home. It was a great adventure, but it really felt good to get back into the swing of things this morning (who knows, maybe I'm just getting really old.)

So re-cap on the weekend's goals...

1.) I totally wore the CUTEST outfit to dinner ever. It was classy and smashing rolled into one, a very chic knit skirt, a cript white button up underneath a gorgeous light weight sweater.

2.)I did suprisingly little shopping, and had a fantastic Friday night at the bar.

3.) Definitly Waxed

4.) I didn't make anything this year... oops!

5.) I did not "get together" at all really... I hooked up with the painter for a few hours on Thursday night, I hung out with the Not-So-New-Guy, aka the painter. He was a serious conversationalist and wasn't so sure if he was into me until I was driving home and he asked me about a thousand times if I really liked him or not... it was so irritating. Then on Friday I went out with my sister and we met up with my high school homeboy, Mr. English Professor (he is one, wasn't mine, ha!) We had a great time and the drunker I got, the bitchier I got and ended up telling him he was pretentious. Oops... anyway, we still made out. It was fun, well except for the past about being in my sisters car (and no, SHE WAS NOT IN IT.)


7.) I got a fantastic Christmas tree and tons of vintage ornaments from my Grams, AND she bought me the SWANKIEST lamps ever! Doubles, how convienient for my bedside tables, eh?

8.) Didn't get to see anything but pictures of my niece. Baby Mamma Drama. Eww.

9.) I slept... and slept... but nothing was like coming home to my down matress and 1,000 thread count Pima Cotton sheets... mmmm!

All in all, it was a good trip. Except for the part(s) that had no Logan. He was M.I.A. I didn't talk to him once, no one even knew where he was, it's a shame really. Until next time I suppose. That will give me some more time to get my game face on. I wish sometimes that he was some kind of super jerk. You know, just awful, a real asshole. Then I could move on... but he isn't. He's just a super sweet, amazing-in-the-sack, truly special man. Maybe I just need someone new to take my mind off of him... You never know what just might happen ; )


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