Skinny Bitch for Lent....

Being a vegetarian I was thrilled to pick up a copy of Skinny Bitch... about 5 months ago. The book goes where no other diet book has gone before; The Authors Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin lay it down as for as getting serious about what you put in your mouth.

The premise of the diet is vegan and it basically tells us what we already know, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. And lately... I've been not doing such a good job feeding my temple. You cannot be a goddess downing Ben & Jerry's and Doritos... not that that's what I eat, haha.

So anyways, back to Lent...
This year I am giving up all seafood, eggs and dairy for my already meat-less, pop-less diet. Oh, no fast food either... I know it's extreme, but I need to recondition this machine!

I am also doing some things... like using my gym membership at least 4 times a week. I already pay for it, might as well go. If I can't do it for myself, I'm gonna do it for Jesus.

Speaking of Jesus, those kind of sound a little selfish, so I also have decided while purging my diet, I will purge other things... like my closet that is ever so quickly exploding.

My goal is to:

1.) Go through all of my clothes, take what I can of designer brands to resale shops, and the rest I'm giving to my church and the Purple Heart.

2.) Find somewhere to donate my old desk top to; it works just fine, I just don't need it.

3.) Go through all of my tuberware tubs full of shit from college, etc. and if I'm not using it, I'm donating or tossing it.

By Easter I'll be thinner, more toned, refreshed, AND I'll feel good about myself and what I'm doing... oh, and I'll try to be on time to work.

I feel like I'm spring cleaning my body and my soul.


Shame Spiral... AND OMG

First, I would like to say sorry I haven't been here in a while. I've been re-vamping and needed a mental health break from just about everything... well except shopping.

Which brings me to my newest issue... I just saw some disgusting news on facebook.

So, I used to date this guy Jim for mmm... roughly two years. We never had the boyfriend/girlfriend title but we would go to dinner together, have class together, party together, travel together, sleep together... Had the same friends, the same interests, pretty much we were inseperable. Now he is ACTUALLY dating one of the slimiest females I have ever laid eyes on, he must be going through some serious shame spiral. I actually feel bad for him. I know that looks aren't everything, but she's not even nice, and has been facebook IMing me to tell me how much she misses me, that she's been telling Jim how much she adores me and looks up to me. Well vomit, I think she's trying to rub it in my face. Get OVER it, I dated him YEARS ago.

Speaking of dating... I met a new boy, yes boy. He's only 19. A delicious 19... God, I feel like a cougar. He's quite fantastic though, tall, well-dressed. He was going to school for acting, and now I'm not exactly sure what his plans are, but he sure is entertaining. The other night after, ehh, you know, we were lying in bed and he was talking about how he grew up partly in Scotland, and got this Scottich accent going on... then it proceeded to a little game, I say the country, he did the accent. So MUCH FUN! He was really great. I think I might need to keep him in my pocket for a rainy day.

Ooohh, also! I finally found my way to Neiman Marcus to pick up Tom Ford's Purple Patchouli... but then, I didn't like it so much alone, so I decided to get the coffret set. Tuscan Leather and Oud Wood are fabulous as well. I would highly recommend this purchase, it's a bit pricy for perfume, but totally worth it.

Hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine!

Have fun with the Oscars tonight!