Euro-Trip & Bucky

Ok, so right before I met Porter was when the Irish guy, Johnny, (who actually is FROM Ireland and now lives in England) asked me out. I had only been out with Porter a few times by the time Johnny had called to set an actual date, and that night Porter was busy with friends, so I thought it might be fun to meet someone new...

The night started when he and his friend Jimmy, who was also from London came over for a little Ethiopian cuisine I concocted. We ate, drank some beer and some wine and then went to go to the little bar across the street.

It was a week night, we weren't expecting anything rowdy going there at 9pm - you know, just a few beers and whatnot. We ended up playing some pool, drinking Modelos and shots of tequilla... 6 pool games and about that many beers later Jimmy and I went out for a smoke (bad habit I KNOW!) And all of a sudden I realized how smoking hot he was with his Cogny accent and BEAUTIFUL (no joke) teeth... we talked a bit, flirted if you will, haha, and went back in where Johnny started what I like to call "the rub." Anytime you're out with a man and he likes you, he always finds a "friend zone" place to give you a little rub-a-dub, the back, the arm, no where really sexual, just to be safe. Johnny was cute also, I mean, I was really on the "date" with him... but so was Jimmy... what's a girl to do?

So we end up getting ridiculously drunk, stay up way too late, and I invited them back over. We all decided that it would be best if they stayed the night, it was kind of late to call a cab, right?? Time to get some shut eye and I hit the bathroom first, a girl's gotta brush her teeth! I get back and not only is Johnny in my bed, but Jimmy is in my bed as well... Apparantly it was American Girl sandwich night. Now, I know what you're thinking, threesome, right? Well, you're wrong... sort of... From spooning, to touching, to kissing, things were getting kind of crazy, but on the downlow, I wasn't sure if one knew what the other was doing, and in the still of the night, no joke, I just started laughing! It was just too much... These boys were totally into me, and if I was "that" kind of girl it would have been even more amazing, I mean both of them were wearing black Calvin Klein boxer briefs, one blonde, one brunette, it was straight out of the Ron Jeremy realm, and it didn't really help that I picked my sexiest nightie I guess, but when in Rome... or Chicago!

We all ended up falling asleep shortly after, and when I woke up the next morning being cuddled by the two sexiest men in London, all I could think was God Bless America. They both invited me to London (separately) and if things don't work out with Porter, I know where my next vacation will be. Just so you know... I did tell Porter the majority of that happened, I'm not trying to hide anything, I'm not that kind of girl - and you know what? He just laughed too (we had only known each other for less than a week at this point.) I'm not sure if he's Mister Right, but he's one hell of a Mister Right Now!!!

Following up with Buck... Ok, so I'm a bit of a cougar and always like to keep my options open (obviously) but I was seriously disappointed that I hadn't heard from this Young Buck for so long. He had texted me early in the afternoon of the same night I was meeting Porter for the first time and asked if I was interested in a little afternoon delight... AND THEN TWENTY MINUTES LATER HE RAIN CHECKED ME!!! WHO DOES THAT? I was beyond irritated to say the least.

So that night Porter came over for the first time and we had an amazing night and I totally forgot about that fresh outta high school hipster... until 2 days ago, when Buck texted me ALL DAY LONG talking about "teaching him some things" and going on to tell me how much he had been thinking about me, but I wasn't and still am not thinking about him. If he was thinking about me so much, why hadn't he called sooner? I mean he might be sexy and young, but he's as flaky as a croissant.

I might keep him in my back pocket for a rainy day... but I might not, I really want to hold out and see what happens with Porter. I guess only time will tell.

Parlez-vous du fran├žais ?

OMG... that is all. I just moved to a new apartment, and with this apartment I am getting some new roomates (it's a 5 bedroom) my sister Cecilia and her friend Anseletta who she went to medical school with. Now, Anseletta went to school with a boy named Porter... Porter is a bit of a facebook stalker (aren't we all) and saw the new friendship between Anseletta and I and added me as a friend with a message that sounded something like, "you're so beautiful, I have to know you." I was a bit offset by this but thought I would give it a whirl, Anseletta said he was a great guy.

And boy was she right! Since we met, which I think was March 7th or so, we've been basically inseperable... Except for a brief European encounter which I'll explain in a minute. Anyways, Porter is an exceptionally attractive man, practically irresistible... He works for a financial consulting firm downtown and we share a plethora or similarities, from music to books to cinema... and obviously he's a wee bit French, which is something I love LOVE LOVE! He's actually from Michigan, like me, and moved here a few years ago when he transfered his job to move in with his girlfriend, Anastasia.

This is where things get tricky... he had told me about her, how she was a model... had red hair... and whatever, it wasn't important to me. That is until last night when we were leaving the Bulls game and were walking out to go home and he said, "There she is, that's my ex-girlfriend Ana." We stopped to say hello and I was awestruck, I KNEW HER IN HIGH SCHOOL! And I didn't just know her, I KNEW her, we went to to church together, had all the same friends, and so much more. We saw each other and neither of us said anything for a few seconds (as if it wasn't akward enough) she said, "You look so familiar, don't I know you from somewhere?" And we talked for a moment and left. It was almost like an out of body expirience; I couldn't believe it. She's beautiful and thin and well, stunning, and I, well I'm me.

At first it made me feel a little low, but then I got to thinking about the way that I date, and realized most people do the same... which is something I like to call upgrading, haha! So now I feel even better about myself, isn't that crazy? Plus... I'm not a bitch, which she is. She sort of was to me back in the day, but I think it's because her career was just beginning launch, and Porter definitely agreed, she had a bit of the Naomi Campbell complex, well, with less work obviously.

As of now, we're not "dating"... I'm actually not so sure what we are. He definitely talks about the future, A LOT, so we'll see how things go...


The Young Buck and Co.

I thought the youngin' and I were done. I try not to call boys, therefore, if they don't call me, it's done. I mean, I call when we're dating, but not in the beginning. Anyways, Buck texted me this weekend to let me know that his phone had been acting up and he hadn't been able to get a hold of me. I was shocked... and out of town. I was a bit bummed that I couldn't see him, but actually a little bit excited that he had called. I think I kind of like this one. We'll see if something arises this week.

Speaking of rising... apparantly this new vegan light I'm in is attracting men like a horse to water. I have TWO dinner/drink dates this week.

One is with this thirty something district manager for an international clothing store (i.e., did someone say discount??) He's quite intelligent with 2 degrees and is working on his masters, but he is a chatty cathy. I do not need to know about you're friends relationships, we just met, SERIOUSLY. He's taking me to this vegan restaurant I've been wanting to go to for a while, should be delicious in more ways than one.

The other is with this Irish guy, I don't know him at all really. He's in town from Ireland this week and asked me out for drinks. Seems cute and travels A LOT. Paris, London, Wales, Scotland... Chicago, Dallas, New York...Virginia? Who knows? Either he's traveling giggilo or someone has got some serious cash. I don't even travel that much. I think he might be a little bit more fun than the clothes whore... but I don't know if he can top Buck. Ooooh, but this Patty has a real accent.

Get you a bite. Mmmm. Haha. Happy Monday!