The Ultimate Green Christmas Luxuries...

Get the sparkle of diamonds without the guilt by purchasing eco-friendly, conflict-free lab-grown diamonds. These man-made diamonds are actually pretty rare, as only a handful of gem-quality diamonds are grown each month. No giant pits in the earth, no slave labor. This set of Ritani ‘Endless Love’ lab-grown diamond stud earrings feature .67 carat fancy blue diamonds surrounded by .15 carat white micro-pave diamonds set in platinum for $5,160.
For the green millionaire who has everything, perhaps a parcel of land that you can turn into a nature preserve is just the thing you need this year. Follow in Leo DiCaprio’s footsteps by purchasing a private island with the intent of turning it into an ecotourism destination – Blackadore Cay in Belize only cost $1.75 million. Or, you could buy a few hundred thousand acres of rainforest and either manage it yourself or gift it to the country’s government for use as a national park.

The world’s most expensive television is available to you for just $130,000, and the good news is, its glass, aluminum and iron components are all either biodegradable or reusable. The bad news is, it doesn’t seem to use any less power than a normal television. But, hey, it’s studded with brilliant white V VS1 diamonds and white gold, such an important feature to have on a television. When you’re done with this luxury TV by Shaub Lorenz, you can strip it down and have them made into a necklace or something. It’s entirely handmade and has a 40-inch LCD display.

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