Logan II

Why is it that even when you're not around someone and even if you know they might be doing something or someONE you don't approve of, you still think about them? I know I'm not in love with him, but this has got to stop. We live 300 miles away from one another. I know if someone I was attracted to hit on me here I'd give it a shot, so I'm sure he would too. Uuugggghhhh. I talked to him on Saturday night, he was more drunk than I was and I had been at an all you can drink party, Jameson and O-Bombs galore... and anyways, I'm not sure if it was while or after I was on the phone with him, he was "trying" to kiss my best friend, who just happens to be in town all together too much. She didn't let it happen, but come to find out she did 2 weeks before. She's not into him (not her type at ALL, she's really attracted to asshole losers) and didn't want to tell me, but felt she should, and I'm not sure if I like knowing. I'd still fuck him. I'm not mad at her. I am definitly not ok with it, but how can I be upset. He's not my boyfriend, I see him less than monthly... He's really hot. My best friend? Not as cute as me... He's really young, and I was extra skanky at his age. This is so ridiculous I need to stop writing about it. I'll get at you when I get my head outta his ass.


Faker said...

maybe you like him more than you think that you do. Just because yousay you aren't a couple doesn't mean you don't want to be or maybe you just like the idea being with him.

Meaghan said...

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