The Young Buck and Co.

I thought the youngin' and I were done. I try not to call boys, therefore, if they don't call me, it's done. I mean, I call when we're dating, but not in the beginning. Anyways, Buck texted me this weekend to let me know that his phone had been acting up and he hadn't been able to get a hold of me. I was shocked... and out of town. I was a bit bummed that I couldn't see him, but actually a little bit excited that he had called. I think I kind of like this one. We'll see if something arises this week.

Speaking of rising... apparantly this new vegan light I'm in is attracting men like a horse to water. I have TWO dinner/drink dates this week.

One is with this thirty something district manager for an international clothing store (i.e., did someone say discount??) He's quite intelligent with 2 degrees and is working on his masters, but he is a chatty cathy. I do not need to know about you're friends relationships, we just met, SERIOUSLY. He's taking me to this vegan restaurant I've been wanting to go to for a while, should be delicious in more ways than one.

The other is with this Irish guy, I don't know him at all really. He's in town from Ireland this week and asked me out for drinks. Seems cute and travels A LOT. Paris, London, Wales, Scotland... Chicago, Dallas, New York...Virginia? Who knows? Either he's traveling giggilo or someone has got some serious cash. I don't even travel that much. I think he might be a little bit more fun than the clothes whore... but I don't know if he can top Buck. Ooooh, but this Patty has a real accent.

Get you a bite. Mmmm. Haha. Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh sounds exciting! Be careful with Chatty Cathy, I've made the mistake of trying to overlook this...never works.

Irish guy could be interesting? Who is this Buck fella...? More details pls! :D