Euro-Trip & Bucky

Ok, so right before I met Porter was when the Irish guy, Johnny, (who actually is FROM Ireland and now lives in England) asked me out. I had only been out with Porter a few times by the time Johnny had called to set an actual date, and that night Porter was busy with friends, so I thought it might be fun to meet someone new...

The night started when he and his friend Jimmy, who was also from London came over for a little Ethiopian cuisine I concocted. We ate, drank some beer and some wine and then went to go to the little bar across the street.

It was a week night, we weren't expecting anything rowdy going there at 9pm - you know, just a few beers and whatnot. We ended up playing some pool, drinking Modelos and shots of tequilla... 6 pool games and about that many beers later Jimmy and I went out for a smoke (bad habit I KNOW!) And all of a sudden I realized how smoking hot he was with his Cogny accent and BEAUTIFUL (no joke) teeth... we talked a bit, flirted if you will, haha, and went back in where Johnny started what I like to call "the rub." Anytime you're out with a man and he likes you, he always finds a "friend zone" place to give you a little rub-a-dub, the back, the arm, no where really sexual, just to be safe. Johnny was cute also, I mean, I was really on the "date" with him... but so was Jimmy... what's a girl to do?

So we end up getting ridiculously drunk, stay up way too late, and I invited them back over. We all decided that it would be best if they stayed the night, it was kind of late to call a cab, right?? Time to get some shut eye and I hit the bathroom first, a girl's gotta brush her teeth! I get back and not only is Johnny in my bed, but Jimmy is in my bed as well... Apparantly it was American Girl sandwich night. Now, I know what you're thinking, threesome, right? Well, you're wrong... sort of... From spooning, to touching, to kissing, things were getting kind of crazy, but on the downlow, I wasn't sure if one knew what the other was doing, and in the still of the night, no joke, I just started laughing! It was just too much... These boys were totally into me, and if I was "that" kind of girl it would have been even more amazing, I mean both of them were wearing black Calvin Klein boxer briefs, one blonde, one brunette, it was straight out of the Ron Jeremy realm, and it didn't really help that I picked my sexiest nightie I guess, but when in Rome... or Chicago!

We all ended up falling asleep shortly after, and when I woke up the next morning being cuddled by the two sexiest men in London, all I could think was God Bless America. They both invited me to London (separately) and if things don't work out with Porter, I know where my next vacation will be. Just so you know... I did tell Porter the majority of that happened, I'm not trying to hide anything, I'm not that kind of girl - and you know what? He just laughed too (we had only known each other for less than a week at this point.) I'm not sure if he's Mister Right, but he's one hell of a Mister Right Now!!!

Following up with Buck... Ok, so I'm a bit of a cougar and always like to keep my options open (obviously) but I was seriously disappointed that I hadn't heard from this Young Buck for so long. He had texted me early in the afternoon of the same night I was meeting Porter for the first time and asked if I was interested in a little afternoon delight... AND THEN TWENTY MINUTES LATER HE RAIN CHECKED ME!!! WHO DOES THAT? I was beyond irritated to say the least.

So that night Porter came over for the first time and we had an amazing night and I totally forgot about that fresh outta high school hipster... until 2 days ago, when Buck texted me ALL DAY LONG talking about "teaching him some things" and going on to tell me how much he had been thinking about me, but I wasn't and still am not thinking about him. If he was thinking about me so much, why hadn't he called sooner? I mean he might be sexy and young, but he's as flaky as a croissant.

I might keep him in my back pocket for a rainy day... but I might not, I really want to hold out and see what happens with Porter. I guess only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Wowza!! hahah....that's all I have to say.

Updates? :D

Pop Champagne said...


I hate rain checks too that's one of my pet peeves when people do that