2009: A Year for Organization

I always pick something easy for my New Year's Resolution... Just to be sure that I'm not one of those "quitters"... but this year, I decided to go all out. My resolution is to become organized. I'm not just talking about getting my paperwork in order, but I mean REALLY organized. Totally 100% organized. I want to:

1.) Get all my financial paperwork in actual FILES, not just floating around in old boxes
2.) Re-do my closet, so that all my shoes, handbags, accessories, and clothing are easy to find (I color code now, but I feel like it's not enough.) If only I could get one of those rotating racks like the French cleaners.
3.) Donate all of my old things I'm not using, whether it's clothes, old CD's, whatever...
4.) Start a real recipe book, I have tons in various places, but no actual catalouging system.
5.) Actually use my planner.
6.) Plan my vacations MONTHS in advance, the last minute ones are restful, but lackluster.
7.) Work on my credit score... this means actually planning big buys (like those new Christian Louboution Patent Ankle-Wrap Espadrilles...)
8.) Use my gym membership on a regular basis.
9.) I would also like to plan an annual party. I usually have a few, but this year I want to organize one big blow-out and make it actually recurring.
10.) Buy a condo... I'm sick of wasting my money on something I'll never get anything out of. This way, especially with our current economy, a small investment could mean big bucks when I want to move out of Chicago.

Wish me luck! And as always, warmest regards to you all!

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